THROUGH PATH TO OLE" COMING SOON...THIS IS IT...the program to optimize all programs...OLE'

It is truly my Sacred Honor to walk this PATH and bring you all within my power resources, insights, empowerment, enlightenment, enlivenment.

It's time, now's the time that I've been preparing for all of my life. We wake up now, or face your own death process which will strengthen you with a wake up call and you wake in your own way, in your own time. Each of us gets to face this down...thanks Poppa, for showing me the way to be brave and seize the day!




Bambie on the EDGE!

Bambie on the Edge says, "Physical Bodies can spontaneously heal and self-correct. This is a  REMARKABLE AND POWERFUL multi-level process encompassing  MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT."

The physical component is best rejuvenated by nurturing the body with 90 essential nutrients that it needs daily according to Dr. Joel Wallach in his books EPIGENETICS and DEAD DOCTORS DON'T LIE.

The very best source our there from my experience is Youngevity and Dr. Wallach with his brilliant and courageous work. When spirit said, "Just finish your work, write your book about Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists and DNA, then we will help you resurrect your body."

Publishing "Ghosts, Outlaw, Polygamists and DNA," August 2014, The Universe brought Youngevity and Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Glidden into my life. I listened to them, changed my diet, started taking "90 For Life" and instantly began to feel better. Within a week my body was spontaneously healing and self correcting, resurrecting itself as it's so brilliantly designed to do when supplied with nutrients and environment it needs. I'm getting stronger and stronger ready and able to ride back into Robbers Roost, my first love.

Now I have come full circle. To my fist story of my life brought to you by my mother, Faye Rose Hansen NICKLE, alias Rosebud who loved Art Bell and late night radio, talking to spirits, having visions which always came true just like she said, a healer and Suburban Shaman ... the original WUFU. I love you always and forever Momma. Now I get to tell your story...our story. No one really know this story yet. 

Parts of it, of course, but Momma and I had a mission in this life beyond anything anyone had ever imagined before. We will start with health...wealth...and well being, both hers and mine.


For a complete body rejuvenation program from the inside out. Give your body what it needs to spontaneously heal and self-correct. Youngevity 90 for Life sustains me energy and health. I need a highly absorbable and complete vitamin and mineral supplement for my active lifestyle. Youngevity Tangy Tangerine brings me right back to life and helps me take it to the next level. Now the kids have to keep up with me.

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outlaw trail adventures

 Bambie L. Reed





rejuvenating your mind, body and emotions.

Overcoming your blocks to progression, with the right information at the right time our minds and emotions are spontaneously healing self-correcting. Shadow Rising, The Antidote is the guide book through the Shadow Matrix Programming which jams your frequencies and slows you down. Time to rev up your life and turn those Monsters into Powerful, Positive, Progressive Patterning today!

Our program includes how we got conditioned for deprivation in the first place. A recording to begin the deprogramming and rejuvenation of mind/body/spirit for freedom and empowered consciousness.

We have 3 Shadow Rising The Antidote Manuals for Waking Up from Programming. We fondly call them, "Bambie's Little Monster Books"

Download Spencer's Little Monster Book for free.

Order the other Monster Books Here: Coming Very Soon

Shadow Rising: The Antidote: Will be Online in June 2015

On Enlightenment


IT'S ABOUT Bambie's Grand Adventure ON THE EDGE OF INTUITION...                 

IS A book about my second great grandfather, the sundance kid and his good friends butch and etta


Whether you are ready to play on the Fabric of the Universe or are just looking for a FULL SPIRITUAL REJUVENATION or are just wanting a grand adventure, you have come to the right place. I asked the Creative Intelligence that created me and lets me play here to show me the way to spontaneously heal and self-correct, then show the way for others so inclined.

You can believe how excited I was when the Universe sent me on my Optimal Life PATH, a Wild West Vision Quest set in modern day. So super cool and fun. I brought back my amazing experiences to share with you.

This is a great process of spontaneously healing and self correcting I call Free Flight Sacred Ceremony. Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists and DNA is a spiritual guide book, a remote viewing manual, and a grand adventure mixed in with Wild West History like never told before. Riding with the Ghost of Sundance, my second great grandfather is the most transformative experience of my life. Saddle up and let's get on the trail for another grand Outlaw Trail Adventure with Bill Long, Bambie Reed and Butch my dog. LET'S RIDE INTO ROBBERS ROOST with The Desert Rat of the San Raphael and see for yourself the real scenery and locations along the Outlaw Trail where Butch, Sundance and the Wild Bunch escaped from the Castle Gate Robbery.

Father's Day 2015, we have a Grand Event in The San Raphael Swell. A Full Free Flight Sacred Ceremony to help The Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch heal and move into the light. They and their descendents are all coming together on Father's Day in the Swell.

Drum Ceremony with the Sacred Seneca Drum and drumming ceremony.

Essential Oil Massage

Riding the Outlaw Trail from Castle Gate to Monument Valley

Tales from Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists and DNA

Remote Viewing Course taught live

Vision Quests in The San Raphael Swell

Energy Readings

Fires and Camping Rocking and Rolling through the Swell, chasing real live Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists ... 

Let us know you are coming and we can make sure you have all the latest informtion on our whereabouts. See Contacts Page.