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Once you’ve arrived here, this is the only place you want to be…

ALL of the exciting experiences in my life began when I jumped and grabbed hold of the shiniest star I could see and hold on to. Time after time I found I was on solid ground though it seemed like I was jumping into the abyss…not that one can’t disappear into oblivion if one wants to bad enough…but I have always had an incredible passion for creation in all its richness and I have been willing to take the risk in the unknown energy streaming by me as I choose to create, embrace and emanate the highest that I can conceive of and achieve.

My hardest lesson was learning to grapple with what is until I can do the soul expansion process long enough, well enough that my world changes before me and I get to experience the streaming intelligence of sweet creation bringing all my efforts full circle. The euphonies that emerge from the creative intelligence that created me and lets me play here are worth everything is takes to experience them.

But, it didn’t look like that in the beginning. In the beginning was I had an inkling that I could experience something better than I did a moment ago. That little luminosity once acted upon began to expand and grow as my capacity to hold on to higher frequencies evolved and became more than I ever thought I could be, more than I had any idea existed for me…well, not quite, the streaming consciousness always called me to recognize that I was already home and alive and vibrant here on the Fabric of the Universe. Creating, embracing, emanating…

 SO ASTOUNDING WAS THIS AWARENESS that I began the awakening in earnest and realized this is my ascension process. How cool is that? It was already mine. I had my heart’s greatest desires already in my grasp…all I had to do was tune into that frequency and embrace that experience then learn to emanate from that space here and now so I can realize it as my core frequency, which it is and allow all that is less than that frequency to rise and release, Shadow Rising, as I spontaneously heal and self-correct. Here’ live and dynamic on the Fabric of the Universe, I was already all I had ever wanted to be and experience as I learned to receiver, embrace and emanate through my deepest souls desires mingled with the streaming consciousness here on the edge


Live and dynamic on the Fabric of the Universe….

I am streaming consciousness

I am live and dynamic here on the Fabric of the Universe

I am streaming here on the Fabric of the Universe, self proclaimed Suburban Shaman energy manifesting here and now...I wanted to bring all I experienced and found useful and interesting...often life saving...to my people, all of you. What good was a distant mountain top without my family and friends...well there's stories that unfolded as life tends to do.

I am psychic

I am a psychic medium

I am a visionary dreamer as my mother “Rosebud”

I am enjoying my exquisite nature emanating in streaming consciousness

Where else would I want to be…


Living live and dynamic on the Fabric of the Universe

Bathing in Streaming Consciousness with every Breath…

Emanating at my highest frequencies

Enjoying this great opportunity to Express and Evolve


Come join me for a Fantastic Adventure in Streaming Consciousness

Vision Quest

Tarot Reading

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Adventuring in The San Rafael Swell and Robbers Roost

This is Bambie Reed, live and dynamic from the Fabric of the Universe in another Free Flight Adventure in Streaming Consciousness.

My lifetime study has been tapping into that “THE ZONE OF STREAMING CONSCIOUSNESS…THE EDGE OF CREATION”

Musicians do it. Professional athletes do it. Singers do it. Painters do it. Computer Programmers do it. Mothers do it. Fathers do it. Care givers do it. Doctors do it. Psychologists do it. Preachers do it. Presidents do it. Heroes do it. Adventurers do it. Risk Takers do it. Motocross Riders do it. Harley Riders do it. Everyone does it and it feels better than anything else they can do.

The top 4 really amazing things I’ve learned about THE EDGE OF CREATION:

1.  It is really does exist.
2.  We all have the desire to experience the life force streaming from The Fabric of the Universe.
3.  We all have our personal connection to this experience.
4.  We all are at our best when we are connected and experiencing and expressing LIVE and DYNAMIC from the FABRIC OF THE UNVERSE…streaming consciousness.
This is what we came here to experience and master…the creative matrix.

In the beginning it was an experiment with information that came across my path. I took the challenge, I faced the risks, I learned to grapple to hold on to the highest potential path within me, I took the hits, I held the course, I have gone into the unknown and brought it into the known, over and over and over.

Now, I am returning with all that I have encountered and am telling of my harrowing, exciting, amazing journey from being a precocious 5 year old wanting to “help these people, the people of the West” to following this intuitive PATH which took me into “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” with my eyes open and helped me return alive and vibrant having faced my personal version OF THE SHADOW RISING EXPERIENCE…for myself. I somehow knew I could endure and overcome all that came upon my path and I refused to settle for anything less than the knowledge and experience to help not only myself but my ancestors, my family here and now and my descendants…pretty much everyone.

Ehhh…I’m Aquarian by birthright, I came in on the Star Energy, I thrive in the Energy of Fire, I am nurtured with the Energy of Water, I am healed and grounded with the energy of Earth between my toes, I love the Energy of the Wind bringing the changes which are needed to keep all things in balance, thriving and growing.

AND I'm Aquarian coming into the Age of Aquarius...here on the Super Blue Moon eclise on the 31 Jan 2018. 

Vision Quests are a way of life for me now, with every breath. It’s just living with my eyes open with every breath becoming one with the highest frequencies of adventure and love and life to which I can aspire…then I take another breath and more flows to me. It’s such an exquisite adventure in living and loving, live and dynamic here on the Fabric of the Universe.

My most intriguing expression and emanation of my Adventures on the Fabric of the Universe as Bambie on the EDGE! … is now expressing in my book, “Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists and DNA”. That whole book expresses my grandest experiment of my life: how can I best express my unique energy as a human being to a) healing and optimizing my own life b)generating the highest value for others whom I share life with c) emanating and expressing my grandest adventures in streaming consciousness.

I have to say, “I had no idea how very cool it would unfold!” Outlaw Trail Adventures is a gift of life experiences which reveal the incredible paths that streaming consciousness will help us express. If we have the guts. If we are willing to be brave and take on our own PATH. If we are wise and profound and powerful as we are created to be. How fun is that? Having overcome so many obstacles, having emerged profoundly evolved from “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”, having responded over and over to that inkling that there’s more for you, reach, grapple, grow and get on with it, I present to you my very best…unedited, live and dynamic, here on the Fabric of the Universe.

Start with reading my book, “Ghosts, Outlaws, Polygamists and DNA” to awaken to a live expression of streaming consciousness, live and dynamic here on the Fabric of the Universe.

Up to this point in my life, I have had a split consciousness. One I created with full freedom of choice at the ripe old age of 5. I was faced with trying to express my evolving consciousness and being “groomed” by my beloved parents and family to be something other than what I was. So profound an experience was it for me, I knew that my ability to maintain my own highest awareness would be best served by splitting my own consciousness into two factions. One personality that would be the perfect child for my parents and family and society as it was presenting to me. And one personality that was true to what my heart and soul was calling me to be and experience. This core split has healed and I now live in both worlds at the same time being all that I can conceive of being.

I could clearly see that at the age of 5 I could not go out on my own and survive and thrive. I needed my parents, family and society. It was painful to make that split, but made it I did. And from that moment to this I am so grateful I did. I could continue to evolve into higher creative consciousness, the streaming consciousness from which I was created, and I could physically survive and thrive. It was a great thing to do and has served me completely. Again, it was the most challenging this I have ever done, but set me up for a successful and empowered life, however amazingly it unfolded.

And so it I came here to express this, my finest information. I know those who need it, will be attracted to it and understand whatever pieces of it they need. For this, I am grateful. For from whence much has been given to me, much is required at my hands. But how else would I want life to be? Anything less would produce less amazing results and less interesting experiences. I cannot abide boredom or refuse to abide in boredom…maybe for a moment here and there to remind me how disintegrative it is and soon I launch undaunted into whatever, wherever that is alive and vibrant, dynamic and interesting. Usually terrifying on the onset, challenging in the grappling with what is phase and ever to interesting and rewarding.

How do you think my 5 year old self has done? I’m dam proud of her. She would know I was placating her if I didn’t speak clearly. She’s laughing and so am I!!!!! She likes the number 5.

 The picture is The San Rafael Desert Rat in his Burnt Orange Orangutan of a Jeep...powering us through some serious off roaden...wild ass adventuring to be exact. Now The Desert Rat knows what to do when the dirt roads end...


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